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Aikido Organizations and Headquarters

Takamusu Aikido Association -

An American Iwama Aikido Organization


Ibaraki Dojo, Iwama Japan -

The Iwama dojo


Hombu Dojo, Tokyo Japan -

The World Headquarters of all Aikido



Dojos where Sensei Barrett has trained or that are led by his former instructors

Aikido Arts Center Santa Fe -

My home dojo in New Mexico led by Bill Smythe Sensei


Aikido Berlin-Karow -

A dojo in Berlin, Germany founded and led by Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei, my first Aikido Sensei


Shinau Aikido –

A wonderful Iwama dojo founded and led by Tom Rennie Sensei but don’t get Rickrolled!


Aikido in Fredricksburg -

If you are on the east coast check out this great dojo founded and led by Aviv Goldsmith Sensei


North County Aikikai -

A San Diego County dojo affiliated with Birikai International and led by Coryl Crane Sensei


Aikido At The Center -

An Iwama Dojo in Tucson led by Judith Robinson Sensei


Sonoran Aikikai -

A fine Tucson dojo affiliated with Birankai International.  Sonoran Aikiki is led by Diane Deskin Sensei


Sandia Budokan Aikido -

A wonderful Albuquerque dojo.  The Aikido program is led by James Cornfield Sensei



Links to Aikido Information

Aikido Journal –

The BEST site for current and historic information on Aikido


AikiWeb -

Another great site for Aikido information on the web with perhaps the best dojo location search engine



Aikido Supplies

Tozando -

Our newest supplier.  High quality weapons and uniforms made in Japan with free shipping to the United States.


Nippon Budogu -

High quality weapons


E-Bogu -

Good quality yet inexpensive clothing


Erler's Martial Arts -

Local Albuqerque martial arts supplies



Non-Aikido Links

The National Homepage of Wa Shin Ryu Ju-jutsu -

A traditional ju-jutsu style and program headed by Dr. Andrew Yiannakis.  In Albuquerque they are also affiliated with Sandia Budokan.


Institute for Traditional Martial Arts at the University of New Mexico -

An organization developed to promote traditional Asian martial arts.

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